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Importance of Summer Work to be successful during the Season
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Typically for students, summer is a time for rest and relaxation.  But for many of the Randolph student-athletes, it is a time for physical preparation.  There are approximately 175 athletes, ranging from 4th grade to rising seniors and even alumni headed to compete in college, have taken part in the summer off-season training.  The workouts began in June and ran through the end of July.  Coach Gaunt is entering his eighth year as Director of Strength and Conditioning at Randolph, along with 7 years of collegiate experience at the University of Notre Dame, West Virginia University and the University of Tennessee.  We were able to start a new intern program this summer which allowed Coach Gaunt to have be even more effective.  Natalie Williams, a senior Exercise Science student (or whatever her degree is in)  at UNA, as well as two former Randolph athletes Brantley Scoggins ’13 and Austin Johnson ’14 were a great help in ensuring a safe training environment while pushing our athletes to get better each day.  Athletic Director, Blake Davenport, “Coach Gaunt is an incredible resource for our students and coaches.  Our plan is for this internship program to grow as our summer participation grows each year.”

Fit4These workouts are essential for building the strength and explosiveness needed in sports.  Other areas of emphasis are speed and agility, as well as dynamic flexibility and core stability.  Developing an athlete in these areas greatly enhances their performance potential, while also reducing the risk of injury. To make continual improvements in physical preparation, one must be consistent in their training approach.  Long-term, consistent training is far more beneficial than short-term intense training periods.  The competition in our area and at the state level is very challenging and opportunities like Randolph’s summer program allow us to compete at the highest level we can.  Summer serves as both preseason training for our fall sports and a time to build the foundation for winter and spring sports.

We look forward to our athletes working hard throughout the upcoming school year so we can continue to accomplish great things.  Read More on Strength & Conditioning


Summer Training: Optional
Weights: Optional
Rest: Optional
Mental Preparation: Optional
Proper Nutrition: Optional
Success: Optional