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Multiple Teams · Central Alabama X-C Invitational

The Randolph cross country program traveled to Montgomery, AL this past Friday and Saturday, September 22nd and 23rd, 2017 to compete in the “Central Alabama X-C Invitational” hosted by 4A rival Catholic-Montgomery High School. The meet took place at Gateway Park in Montgomery.

This trip capped off a very busy week with meet preparations for the Randolph Cross Country Classic last weekend, the actual meet on Tuesday, a tough morning practice on Thursday, finally with volunteering at the Huntsville Hospital Autumn Chase Fun Runs that afternoon.

The trip down on Friday had its own excitement with bus troubles in route and then a 2-hour traffic jam on I-65 south just north of Vinemont, put us about 3 hours behind schedule.  This part just allowed for more time for team bonding though.

After a decent night sleep, the teams seemed a bit more energized and ready to compete in a somewhat highly anticipated big 4A matchup with rivals Catholic-Montgomery and Trinity Presbyterian high schools.  Read pre-meet article 

9:00 A.M.  VARSITY GIRLS (1A-7A)
The varsity girls race was the first race on the docket.  The race time temps were in the mid-seventies with actual temps feeling like mid-eighties and very humid!  With only 9 complete teams competing, it was going to be clearer for our girls to match up with their rival and meet host Catholic-Montgomery early on.  As soon as the Catholic-Montgomery girls saw the Randolph “R” step onto the line, you could see the heightened anticipation of the race in the Catholic-Montgomery girl’s eyes, in almost disbelief that we were actually there, on their home course.  With that anxiousness, the Catholic-Montgomery girls took it out hard to see how our girls would respond.  Their whole top was ahead of our top 5 girls by the first half mile mark.  Our girls, missing Junior Nisha Mailapur and Seniors Caroline Stucky and Elizabeth Johnson, just played it cool for the first mile before they started to really go to work on closing the gap with their top girls.  Emma Hudson, Zoe Evans, and Katherine Hunter eventually did catch Catholic-Montgomery’s number 3, 4, & 5, but were not able to catch their number 2 Katie Galvin who finished 4th overall.  Eventual race winner, and the AHSAA’s fastest 5k girl ever, Amaris Tyynismaa crossed the line at 19:26 (a bit off of her 16:57 she ran as an 8th grader in 2014).  Our top 3, Emma Hudson, Zoe Evans, and Katherine Hunter placed 5th, 6th, and 7th overall respectively in 21:40, 21:43, and 21:45.  They were followed closely by Catholic-Montgomery’s 3rd Isabelle Cochran in 8th at 21:50.  Catholic’s 4th and 5th, Katelyn Stark and Hanna Kate Mcgee finished 12th and 15th overall just ahead of our 4th and 5th Sara Hutchens and new comer, 7th grader Sarah Kate Mitchell who finished 16th and 17th overall.  More middle school help with that of Sydney Clary (7th grade) and Claire Deaton (7th grade) were our 6th and 7th place displacers for the day finishing 25th and 26th overall, followed closely by fellow middle schooler, eighth grader Grace Stucky, finishing in 27th overall place.   Finishing strong for the team was Faline Zhao in 25:50.

Overall team scoring is below only top 4 teams:

TEAM                                                            SCORE                   PLACES

1              Catholic Montgomery                    40                           1 4 8 12 15 24 34

2              Randolph                                       51                           5 6 7 16 17 22 23

3              Fairhope                                        73                           2 3 11 28 29

4              Trinity Presb.                                 109                        14 18 20 27 30

As you can see, the girls fell to rival Catholic Montgomery by 11 points.  This will be a point of “how do we fix our mistakes” between now and November 11th, as we WILL see this team again at the state championships.

After the meet, the Catholic Montgomery’s girls improved their 5k times enough to move ahead of our girls in the “Virtual Meet Rankings” as well.   Below are the top 4 teams after week 4.


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9:40 A.M.   VARSITY BOYS (1A-7A)
The second race of the day, the Varsity boys 1A-7A saw the temps high along with anxiousness with our boys facing heavily favored 4A Trinity Presbyterian and 4A host Catholic-Montgomery.  The 7A powerhouse, which looks to be in a rebuilding year, Auburn High School was in hot contention for the overall team title as well.  Junior, Charlie Lott of Trinity Presbyterian, the 2017 4A Outdoor Track & Field 1600 meter and 3200 meter champion was one of the odds on favorites to take the pace out early and hold on.  Our boys, in full representation, after along long week, were focused and determined to at least bring the point gap down between them and the Trinity Presbyterian Wildcats in the virtual meet rankings.

Early on, senior Matthew Estopinal and Charlie Lott and Auburn’s Evan Rogers held the early pace in a nice pack together.  Charlie and Matthew began to separate with about 1 mile to go.  Charlie proved he was a little more prepared and ready for the match up with his rival from the north, Mathew was not able to hold on with a half mile to go as Charlie took the win with Mathew finishing in a distant second place overall.  Trinity’s 2nd runner, Dawson Oliver finished 11th overall with Randolph’s senior Kohl Kraus finishing just behind in 13th.  Trinity’s 3rd and 4th, Wells Rutland and 7th grader Timothy Hornsby finishing in 15th and 16th, just ahead of our 3rd Lee Thomas in 20th.  Lee was closely followed into the finish line by Trinity’s 5th and final scorer, 9th grader Carter Clark in 21st place.  Carter was also followed into the finish by Randolph’s rising 8th grade phenome Eric Xing in 22nd place.  Trinity’s 6th and 7th displacers put a bigger gap on the point spread between our two teams, with Gray Rutland (23rd place) and Mat Mathison (25th place) finishing ahead of Randolph’s 5th Jack Schamban in 30th place overall.  Randolph 6th and 7th displacing runners helped put a gap on the host 4A rival Catholic Montgomery.  Eighth grader David Coomer finished in 40th, Christopher Wiginton finished in 51st, Will Kessler finished in 56th, Sims Fann finished in 60th, with a close race into the line with Esper Chao in 61st overall.

Overall team scoring is below only top 4 teams:

TEAM                                                          SCORE                   PLACES

1              Auburn                                           43                           3 5 7 11 17 23 25

2              Trinity Presbyterian                        60                           1 10 14 15 20 22 24

3              Randolph                                       83                           2 12 19 21 29 37 47

4              Catholic Montgomery                    110                        9 18 26 27 30 32 55

Just as in the girls’ varsity race, the boys fell to a 4A rival, but gained very valuable knowledge of what their very strong state meet competition is capable of doing along with knowing who there are now.

The next time these two team face off will be at the Jesse Owens Cross Country Classic on October 7th.  With the meet being at the end of Fall break, will both teams be a full strength?

After the dust settled, a slight change in the virtual rankings, our boys did close the gap some on their rivals in the south.   A side note, Northside improved their stock with a BIG performance at the “TCBY Invite” in Tuscaloosa on Saturday.  They look to be a team that will definitely need to be taken into major consideration at a top contender come November 11th.


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The third and final race of the day, was not supposed to be just one race.  Because of the delay in race start time of the Junior Varsity girls race which was supposed to go off at 10:10 am, race management decided to combine the girls and boys Junior Varsity races to start at 10:30 am.  The race time temps were not getting cooler either.  We had a large amount of student athletes on the line.   That just meant they had more Raiders to help either other reach our team goals.

The Junior Varsity girls were led by Freshman Margaret Stucky, finishing 5th overall. Senior Anna Grace Johnson finished 20th, followed closely by 7th grader Farrah Memon in 21st place.  Eighth grader Corrina Mathews and Junior Brooke Harmon finished 23rd and 26th respectively and rounded out the team scoring.  Seventh graders Grace Molloy and Audrey Johnson were the 6th and 7th place displacers finishing 30th and 48th overall.

The girls finished 4th overall as a team.

Overall team scoring is below only top 4 teams:

TEAM                                                                SCORE                   PLACES

1              Trinity Presb.                                     38                           3 5 8 9 13 24 27

2              Alabama Christian                            47                           1 2 6 7 31

3              Wetumpka                                         74                           10 11 15 18 20 30 32

4              Randolph                                           78                           4 16 17 19 22 25 33

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In the boys Junior Varsity race, the boys stepped it up to seemly prove a point.  They wanted to prove their relevance and to prove their role on this team is solid.  With that in mind, they ran with purpose and pushed hard.  They too fell to Trinity Presbyterian, but were still able to take home some hardware finishing 3rd overall as only the top 3 teams received team trophies.

Seventh grader Jackson Howse led the way finishing 21st overall.  Junior Nicholas Hammond and 8th grader Felipe Marples Rodriguez raced in together in 27th and 28th.  Eighth grader Ben Pollock, 4th for the team finished 33rd overall, followed closely by Sophomore David Casimes in 36th place overall rounding out the top scoring finishing places.  Simon Yang, 10th grade, and Freshman Alex Covert were the teams 6th and 7th place displacers finishing in 42nd and 44th place overall.  Eighth grader Shrevas Puducheri, Freshman Alexander Anderson, Freshman Evan Devine, 7th grader Wesley Hodge, and Omar Memon finished in 54th, 62nd, 77th, 94th and 96th respectively.

Overall team scoring is below only top 4 teams:

TEAM                                                            SCORE                   PLACES

1              Auburn                                              29                        2 4 5 8 10 12 14

2              Trinity Presb.                                     38                        3 6 7 9 13 16 24

3              Randolph                                         111                        18 20 21 25 27 32 34

4              Wetumpka                                         120                        15 19 22 31 33 35 37

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