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Girls Varsity Swim and Dive · Raider Spotlight

By Jake Weese ’18
Senior Year is a time to look forward as well as a time to reflect. You can’t help but think about your years at Randolph and what it is meant to you: Friends, classes, trips, and sports. I will be interviewing seniors throughout the year from all sports for their last thoughts as a Raider. This Week I spoke with Sophie Byers one of the seniors on the swim team.

What colleges are you looking at for next year since this is your senior year?
Sophie Byers: Davidson College, University of Richmond, American University

What’s your favorite class so far, this year?
Sophie Byers: AP Biology or AP Macroeconomics

What’s this season been like for you so far?
Sophie Byers: We’ve only started, but so far it seems fun and more challenging than last year.  I want to try some more events as it’s my last year.

What meet are you most looking forward to swimming in this year?
Sophie Byers: I’m looking forward to being a part of some relays which are always fun, and a challenge will be the 100 fly.

How does it feel to be one of the seniors on the team?
Sophie Byers: Responsible! It feels strange, as I’ve been on swim team for six years now and am finally at the end.

Do you participate in any sports besides swim?
Sophie Byers: I used to do soccer, but not anymore.

Do you do anything outside of sports for either Randolph or your community?
Sophie Byers: A bunch of different clubs, and teaching swimming in the summer for a community pool.

How long have you been swimming competitively?
Sophie Byers: Since I was about 3-4, I’ve been swimming, but competitively I think I started when I was five, so about 12 years.

What events do you swim in?
Sophie Byers: 50 free, 100 free, 100 fly.

What is your favorite event?
Sophie Byers: Although the 50 free is a difficult event in that it’s so popular, it’s so quick and fast it’s one of my favorites.

What does it mean for you to be on the Randolph swim team?
Sophie Byers: A lot of hard work and commitment! It means I’ve dedicated many, many hundreds of hours over the course of my Randolph swimming career and am proud of all that I’ve done.

What will you miss most about Randolph next year?
Sophie Byers: Besides the close-knit swim team, I’ll miss the Honor Code system and all the nice teachers that go out of their way to help. (and friends!)

Favorite swim memory/favorite game you played in?
Sophie Byers: After practice on Friday one day, we played “Gator” (a racing and tagging game) — including coaches and swimmers. I ended up with a bruise and the coaches got super into it, but it was probably the most fun we had had at practice in a while.