Multiple Teams · Raider Spotlight

By Jake Weese ’18
Senior Year is a time to look forward as well as a time to reflect. You can’t help but think about your years at Randolph and what it is meant to you: Friends, classes, trips, and sports. I will be interviewing seniors throughout the year from all sports for their last thoughts as a Raider. This Week I spoke with Margaret Bryant one of the senior cheerleaders. 

What colleges are you looking at for next year?
Margaret Bryant: My top choices right now are Alabama and Ole Miss.  

What’s your favorite class this year?
Margaret Bryant: AP Gov! I’m really interested in the class and I feel like I know a lot more about politics. 

What’s this cheer season been like for you?
Margaret Bryant:  As a captain it’s been kind of stressful but we still have had a lot of fun this year! 

How does it feel to be one of the seniors on the team?
Margaret Bryant: It’s very bittersweet. I love being the oldest on the team, but I’m going to miss cheer a lot next year. 

Do you do anything outside of sports for either Randolph or your community?
Margaret Bryant: I’m an officer for Junior Grace Club! I’m also the vice president of Student government as well. 

How long have you been a part of the cheer team for Randolph?
Margaret Bryant: I have been a part of the cheer team for Randolph since 7th grade.

What does it mean for you to be on the Randolph cheer team?
Margaret Bryant: I like going to the different games to cheer on our school, I like working on the pep rallies and I like having a close-knit group that all share the same interests. I’ve made friends I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for cheer.

What do you enjoy most about being on the cheerleading team?
Margaret Bryant: I like having practices on Tuesday and Thursday’s because I enjoy getting ready for pep rallies and working on new routines.

What will you miss most about Randolph next year?
Margaret Bryant: I’ll miss seeing everyone every day and I will miss being on the sidelines cheering on the Raiders! I’ll also miss our awesome cafeteria staff.

Favorite cheer memory?
Margaret Bryant: The day of our first competition and riding on the bus with the rest of the cheer team and spending time together as a team.