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Boys Middle School Cross Country, Boys Varsity Cross Country · Raider Spotlight

By Jake Weese ’18
Senior Year is a time to look forward as well as a time to reflect. You can’t help but think about your years at Randolph and what it is meant to you: Friends, classes, trips, and sports. I will be interviewing seniors throughout the year from all sports for their last thoughts as a Raider. This Week I spoke with Matthew Estopinal one of the seniors on the cross-country team. MatthewE

What colleges are you looking at for next year since this is your senior year?
Matthew Estopinal: The colleges that I am looking at for next year include Auburn, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Dartmouth, but I am also keeping my eyes open in case I see anywhere else I might like.

What’s your favorite class so far, this year?
Matthew Estopinal: My favorite class this year has been BC Calculus.

What’s this cross-country season been like for you so far?
Matthew Estopinal:  Cross country this season has been a little bit different, as I am a senior and a captain, so I have had to take a more active leadership. So far I have been having a successful season, and have been enjoying bonding with my fellow seniors, and with my younger teammates.

What meet are you most looking forward to running in this year?
Matthew Estopinal: The meet I am most looking forward to running this year is the State Championship, because it will be the culmination of all my work running for Randolph.

How does it feel to be one of the seniors on the team?
Matthew Estopinal: It is weird being one of the oldest on the team, but taking a leadership role has been a good experience, and getting to know and train with the younger teammates has been fun.

Do you participate in any sports besides cross-country?
Matthew Estopinal: Besides cross country, I participate in both indoor and outdoor track and field.

Do you do anything outside of sports for either Randolph or your community?
Matthew Estopinal: I am a member in the Ultimate Frisbee Club, Computer Science Club, and Film Club this year.

How long have you been running competitively?
Matthew Estopinal: I have been a member of the cross-country team since 7th grade, but began running year-round through indoor and outdoor track and field my freshman year.

What events do you run in?
Matthew Estopinal: For cross country I run the 5k, and I run the distance events for track and field such as the 3200m, 1600m, 800m, and the 4x800m relay.

What is your favorite event?
Matthew Estopinal: My favorite events are the 5k for cross country and the 3200m for track.

What does it mean for you to be on the Randolph cross-country team?
Matthew Estopinal: Being on the cross-country team means having teammates who are willing to work hard to achieve a common goal, and a group of friends who I see every day.

What will you miss most about Randolph next year?
Matthew Estopinal: The thing I will miss the most about Randolph next year is my friends, both on and off the cross-country team.

Favorite cross-country memory/favorite meet?
Matthew Estopinal: One of my favorite memories from cross country is the state meet my junior year. Nine out of ten boys on the state team ran season bests, and we placed better than we were projected to. Our team also went to lunch afterwards, and bonded through eating competitions.

How did it feel to break the school record for the 5k?
Matthew Estopinal: It felt great to break the school record! It has been a goal of mine for a long time, and was the result of much training. However, the season is not over, and I still have more to get done, especially at the State Championship meet.