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Raiders News · A Coach’s Journey: Wright Ward

By: Hannah Oliveto – RocketCityNow
Wright Ward has been coaching for 18 years. In 2013, he moved to Huntsville to be the Randolph Girls’ Basketball head coach.WWard

“I knew I wanted to coach as soon as I finished playing rec league ball as, like, an 8th grader. The very next year, I was like, I want to coach,” Wright Ward said.

“Working with kids and working with young people and having that opportunity to coach the sport you love and to work with kids is something that I love to do. If that have been removed it would have been a very different mental state,” Wright Ward said.

As the Assistant Athletic Director and a coach of three different teams now, he’s still not letting anything slow him down.

Coach Ward was recently interview by
Read more and listen to his interview online.