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While not every teacher has the skills to coach, schools can still create opportunities for faculty to engage with athletic teams and strengthen relationships with their students. At Randolph School in Huntsville, AL, faculty are invited to participate in the Honorary Coach program.  Read more on the SAIS Newsletter.

The goal of the honorary coach program is clear: to bridge the gap. To take that a step further with more detail, it is about providing a framework for those who work within the Randolph community to see just what our students are doing on a regular basis beyond just what occurs within the four walls of the classroom. To let a faculty member, who maybe sees a student as unmotivated in his/her class, see that exact same student with a sudden fire lit underneath them and being attentive, responsive, and a leader. The flip can occur as well where maybe a student that is full of life in a classroom, is not the same on the field, court, or pool. If the heart of this profession is the relationships that are established between students and faculty, staff, and coaches then this program strengthens those bonds. Too often the echo is heard from students of all areas that, “My teacher really doesn’t know what else I do” or “I am dedicated, but my coach doesn’t think I am”. This program allows those statements to become non-existent because the program allows teachers to see their students in a different environment, while also allowing student-athletes to see their teachers also out of what they might assume is the teachers only environment.  Read more