Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Indoor Track at Magic City Invitational

We are so proud of everyone who competed today! Getting your feet wet at the Crossplex is always a hurdle, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran. We are glad to see many rise to new challenges and give races your best effort, even if you were nervous or had never done a certain event before. Today was just a first attempt, and we will spend the rest of the season building on our marks and working to improve!

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HoytAthletes in the top 10:
Grayson Brinkmeier, 7th, 60H
Brianna Lu, 8th, 60H
David Coomer, 9th, 60H
Zoe Evans, 4th, 1600 Girls’ 4×200, 6th
Forrest Bryant, 8th, PV
Kyle Hoyt, 2nd, Shot

Athletes making state qualifying times/marks today (only 2 athletes per event to State):
Grayson Brinkmeier, 60H
Brianna Lu, 60H
Zoe Evans, 1600 Girls 4×200
Forrest Bryant, PV
Kyle Hoyt, Shot
Wes Minton, 60
Wes Minton, 400
Josh Eastin, 400
Arya Yedla, 400
Katey Ann Klingel, 400
Kate Owens, 400
Corrina Mathews, 400

Great start Raiders!