Multiple Teams · 14th Annual Run in the Mud a huge success!

View photos online and many more in Vidigami. (Photo Cred Tomlinson and Xing)

The Randolph Cross Country program competed this past Tuesday, September 18 at the 2018 edition of the Randolph Cross Country Classic (aka the Run in the Mud) at UAH.  More than 50 schools were entered in the 14th edition of the Mud Run.  As many of you know, the course is popular with the athletes.  Everyone had fun getting muddy and wet when crossing the treacherous creek!

Another hot and humid afternoon for the athletes this past Tuesday.  The Randolph cross country program had athletes in four different races.

Highlight: Both Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ teams beat Sectional rival Arab in their respective races.  The Girls’ team ended up with the second place trophy!

Boys’ 2-mile Race
Our first race of the day was the JH Boys 1A-7A 2 Mile Race at 2:15 p.m. There was no separation in school size for this race, it was 1A-7A. Lots of fast runners! The 7th and 8th graders in these races gave it their best, and placed 13th out of 20 scoring teams, scoring 365 points. Jamie Matthews led the charge with a solid 23rd overall place in 13:30 for the 2-mile distance. Ethan Engberg and Wesley Hodge followed, finishing 52nd and 118th overall place in 14:26 and 16:18 respectively. Charles Thompson, Pong Somboon, and Thomas vonAhlefeld came through next and finished 144th, 155th and 156th overall place in 17:19, 17:39, and 17:44 respectively. Finally, Howard Tidwell and Colin DeVine finished in 180th and 206th overall place in 18:56 and 23:01 respectively.

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Girls’ 2-mile Race
The second race of the day was the JH Girls 1A-7A 2 Mile Race Start at 2:45 pm. Just like the previous race there was no separation in school size, it was 1A-7A. Lots of competition! We only raced three 7th and 8th graders in this race to give them a chance to race with athletes of their own age category. The three girls that ran in this category were unable to score as a team. Parmida Amiri finished 33rd overall place in 16:20. Maggie Fleischmann finished 110th in 20:43. Finally, Ysidra Brazell finished in 134th in 23:38.

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Varsity Boys 3-mile Race
The third race of the day was the Varsity Boys 5A-7A 3 Mile Race at 3:55 pm. This was a very competitive race, but the boys came prepared to compete. There were no limit on entries and 19 Raiders competed. The boys finished 3rd out of 16th complete teams, scoring 102 points. Lee Thomas was the first Raider to cross the finish line for the boys. Lee finished 10th place overall in 17:33. Eric Xing followed, and finished 17th place overall in 18:05. Zach Takacs and David Coomer finished 24th and 29th place overall in 18:37 and 18:51 respectively. Jackson Howse and Evan Shields finished in 32nd and 57th overall place in 19:00 and 19:58. Next, Will Kessler, Wright McManus, and Sims Fann finished 66th, 74th, and 97th overall place in 20:13, 20:23, and 20:48 respectively. Alex Covert and Chris Wiginton finished 108th and 131st overall place in 21:06 and 21:59 respectively. Following them, Evan DeVine, Nicholas Hammond, and Max Pitsinos finished 134th, 136th, and 154th overall place in 22:06, 22:11 and 22:53 respectively. Omar Memon, David Casimes, and Adin Rossi finished in 176th, 177th, and 189th in overall place in 24:03, 24:07, and 24:32 respectively. Finally, Alex Anderson and Brayden Anderson finished 198th and 208th overall place in 25:03 and 25:52 respectively.

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Varsity Girls 3-mile Race
The last race of the day for the Randolph cross country program was the Varsity Girls 5A-7A 3 Mile Race at 5:25 pm. The girls had a great showing and finished 2nd out of 10 complete scoring teams with 65 points. We had 10 runners compete in this race. Emma Hudson was the first Raider to cross the finish line for the girls. Emma finished 5th place overall in 20:34. Not far behind was Rachna Ghanta finishing 10th place overall in 22:02. Claire Deaton followed finishing 11th place overall in 22:03. Sara Hutchens and Grace Stucky finished 20th and 21st place overall in 22:43 and 22:52 respectively. Next, Sydney Clary, Faline Zhao, and Avery Evans finished 39th, 44th, and 46th overall place in 23:55, 24:17, and 24:52 respectively. Finally, Brooke Harmon and Alice Malone finished 73rd and 75th overall place in 27:01 and 27:16 respectively.

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Let’s go Raiders! Next up is the Scottsboro Invitational Meet 9/22!