Raiders News · Diary of a Senior: School Spirit

The month of September was a time full of challenge and coming together as a community. One prime example is the emergence of the Senior Speech program. Jeanne Hillinck teaches seniors how to develop and deliver speeches under a common theme. The only rule of the speech is that it fits the mold of “This I believe” and from there, it is up to our creativity to put a personal twist on it while speaking about something we believe.

Claire Couvillon spoke about her transition from Huntsville High to Randolph, and how the sense of community helps solidify the truly great aspects of our school.

One topic she spoke about was how community spirit was also evident in our first football game. I saw a plethora of smiles at the first Raider Rally, as Lower School kids connected with high school ambassadors, and the cheer and dance team kept the excitement going. When kickoff finally came, the sea of students brought a sense of energy that can only be found in the Friday night lights. – Claire

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