Girls Varsity Bowling · VG Bowling team wrap up at Regionals

There was a lot of excitement and emotion this past Thursday and Friday at the Regional matches at Vestavia Bowl in Vestavia Hills. The Girls Bowling team ended up being ranked 13th in our Region. Competition was tough yet the team was undeterred. Vestavia Bowl was a hard shot for most teams competing and our girls were no different. They fought very hard and 3 of our bowlers made it to the competitions top 48 with 1 being ranked in the top 24 after the first day of bowling. Bowler Jordan Snyder scored a season high which included a “hambone” (4 strikes in a row) and barely missed out on a YAHTZEE. There were great highs but the following morning there were a few lows.

As the 13th seed, we were matched up with the 4th qualifying team in our Region, Etowah. Etowah is tough competition and our girls were stopped this year after an exciting normal match followed by three very close Baker matches. It was a disappointing end to the season but one that was continually exciting and saw each girl achieving some of their highest scores ever.

This tells some of the stats about how the year culminated but it is in no way illustrative of who the girls became. At the beginning of the season, 2 of the bowlers were totally new to bowling and a couple others weren’t even sure if they wanted to bowl this year. As the winter pressed on and they continued to amass wins, you could tell that they had a goal to make it the regional tournament and then to state.

They achieved their first goal but will have to wait until the 2019/2020 season to make good on their second. Next year we will see all of these bowlers Ava Bryant, Ruby Jones, Laura Kamelchuk, Rose Naderi, Kyleigh Osborn and Jordan Snyder, return as seniors along with Sophomore Nala Harris, as well as having more students coming out for the team to set Raider Bowling history. And should the girls make it to state next year, Coach Cagle has agreed to shave his head. How about that for some extra incentive?