Multiple Teams · Raiders take first place at the XC John Hunt Series #2

The Randolph Raiders continued their 2020 campaign close to home here in Huntsville at the “John Hunt XC Park”  at the “John Hunt XC Series #2” meet this past Tuesday evening, September 29, 2020.  As advertised, the meet was a small one with only 10 schools competing on the old golf course turned running park.  The event saw teams from East Limestone high school, Athens High School, Mae Jemison, Jasper High School, Falkville High School, Madison County, Lee-Huntsville, and Tanner high school, along with host school Randolph School.  John Hunt park offers up a very wide and open space that ensures social distancing is very easy to accomplish.

John Hunt also is almost a real home course as the Raiders have trained on this facility most everyday all summer long.  Experience on the course proved to be crucial as the competition was fierce and each team wanted that first place trophy!

The Raiders are back at John Hunt Park in 2 weeks for the “John Hunt XC Series #3” meet on Tuesday, October 13th.  Randolph again will be host of this edition of the series.

PHOTOS FROM THE RACE from Mr. Guiliang Xing posted to Vidigami.

Junior High Girls Grades 7-9 Only 2 Mile Race @ 5:00 PM

The first race of the day was our 7-8th grade girls in the Junior High 2 mile!  Eighth grader Emma Towner Jones decided to for the win from the start and won going away in 13:28 for 2 miles.  Lucy Zhang crossed the line second for the girls with a time of 14:12 for the 2 mile distance and 4th place overall with teammate and fellow 7th grader Hope Falkenberg was not far behind Emma with a 14:13 and 5th place overall finish.  Caroline LeVert crossed the line in 8th overall with a 16:06 and Marybella Bailey finished 10th with a 16:39.  The girls finished 1st overall as a team out of 3 complete teams.   Randolph 20, Falkville 45, and Jasper with 58 points. Great job ladies! Full results.

 Junior High Boys Grades 7-9 Only 2 Mile Race @ 5:15 PM

The next race for the Raiders was the Junior High Boys grades 7-9 only 2 mile race. Keaton Schroer (7th gd) stepped up again and finished 4th overall for the boys in 13:04 for the 2 mile distance.  Eighth grader Grant Benko finished 5th in 13:37.  Seventh grader Arya Amiri was our next runner finishing 8th overall in 13:52.  Right behind Arya, Davis Cook finished 9th overall 13:55.  Our final scorer was 8th grader Colin Dilworth finishing 14th place in 15:34 for 2 miles.  Randolph won with 25 points, Jasper in second with 30 points. Awesome job 7th-8th grade boys!  Full results.

Varsity Girls 5k Race @ 5:30 PM

The Varsity girls had a strong showing at John Hunt Park with a relative dominating performance with senior-captain Sophia White (12th gd) finishing first overall in a new personal record of 19:47 for the 5k distance.  Senior captain Emma Hudson was our next finisher in 3rd overall and 20:22.  Sarah Kate Mitchell (10th gd) was our next runner in 21:48  and 4th overall in the race.  Rachna Ghanta finished 7th overall in 21:58.  Parmida Amiri (9th gd) followed close in 8th overall and 22:01.  Rachna Ghanta rounded out the top 5 scorers in 12th overall and 22:51.  Armita Amiri was our first “displacer”, finishing 10th overall in 22:04.  Sydney Clary (10th gd) was our second displacer finishing 15th overall in 24:15.  Rachel Gann (11th gd) was our final displacer in 31st overall and 31:20.  The girls won the meet in dominating fashion, scoring a low score of 23 points, Athens High School scored 58 points, and Deshler finished 3rd with 55 points.  Great job ladies!  Full results.

Varsity Boys 5k Race @ 5:45 PM

The Varsity boys stepped up in the absence of Saint John Paul II Catholic in the team competition.  They worked together to finish with a perfect score of 15 points.  Jackie Howse (10th gd) garnished his second overall cross country individual win with a 17:42 for the 5k distance.  Junior Eric Xing finished 2nd in 17:46.  Sophomore Zach Takacs finished 3rd in 18:07. Freshman Evan Shields finished 4th in 18:11.  Junior David Coomer was not far behind with 5th place and 18:13.  Freshman Wright McManus was our first displacer in 18:45 in 9th place overall.  Nate Schamban was our final displacer in 13th overall in 19:10.

Junior captain Felipe Marples Rodriguez finished 14th 19:22.  Freshman Jamie Matthews finished in 17th and 19:29.  Freshman Thomas Raiford finished 20:09 in 22nd. Senior Adin Rossi finished in 20:12 in 24th. Freshman Ethan Engberg finished 20:40 in 28th. Junior Owen Dubé 20:55 32nd. Sophomore Howard Tidwell finished 20:59 in 35th.  Freshman William Jennings raced it in finishing 42nd in 21:54. Sophomore Wesley Hodge finished in 22:04 and 44th. Senior Alex Anderson finished in 22:21 in 45th.  Freshman Charles Thompson finished 22:33 in 46th. Freshman Luke Pitsinos finished in 47th in 22:48.

The Raiders finished with a perfect 15 points.  Athens was second with 52 points,  and Deshler was third with 67 points.  Great job Raiders! Full results.