Multiple Teams · Indoor Track & Field AHSAA 4A-5A State Championships

And just like that, the 2020-21 Randolph Indoor Track & Field season is over.  The Raiders had very lofty goals going into the state championships, had a plan on how to execute, they just came up a little short in the end.  The girls finished 3rd, behind Brewbaker Tech High School (the winner) and our friendly in town rival, Whitesburg Christian Academy (runner-up).  The girls were just 9 points behind Whitesburg CA. The boys finished a strong 7th place, with UMS Wright winning the state championship.  The boys finished just behind (8 points) our other friendly in town rival, St. John Paul II Catholic High.

It was an amazing state championship meet and even more amazing season.  Regardless of trophies at the end of the season or not, we coaches just feel so blessed that we had the ability to work with our kids this season.  We also feel very blessed to have had a season at all.  There are so many states that due to COVID restrictions, were not allowed to compete this year.  We preach to our kids to not take opportunities for granted and to compete very chance they get.  This season wasn’t normal, and hopefully we will have something that somewhat resembles normal next year.  Regardless, we know our Raiders will rise to the occasion when that time comes!

Thank you to our seniors, Sophia White, Emma Hudson, Anahita Maleknia, Drew Stanley, and Kelly Hay!  You all have no idea how much of a legacy you left for those that are coming behind you. We are all very proud of you and the coaches feel very blessed to have had the chance to work with you.  We love you all!

Best of luck to those moving onto their spring sports!  Outdoor track & field begins this Monday, February 8th.

State Meet full results.  View photos on Vidigami.

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Girls 60mH

Grayson Brinkmeier                        10.27, 4th place

Girls 400m

  • Sophia White                    1:01.68, 6th place
  • Kylie Meyer                       1:03.00, 9th place

Boys 400m

Zach Takacs                       54.05, 12th place

Girls 1600m

  • Parmida Amiri                   5:40.69, 9th place
  • Emma Hudson                  5:50.77, 11th place

Boys 1600m

Zach Takacs                       4:39, 4th place

Boys 3200m

  • Jackson Howse                 10:20, 7th place
  • Eric Xing                             10:30, 9th place

Girls 4x200m

Grayson Brinkmeier, Kylie Meyer, Macie Meyer, Ella Minton                           1:54.80, 7th place

Boys 4×200m

JJ Chung, Drew Stanley, Nic Strong, Zach Takacs                               1:39.21, 10th place

Girls 800m

  • Sophia White                    2:20.13, 2nd place *New school record / Got on the podium!
  • Emma Hudson                   2:28.52, 7th place

Boys 800m

  • Zach Takacs                       2:00.27, 3rd place *New school record / Got on the podium!
  • David Coomer                   2:05.40, 7th place

Girls Pole Vault

Sydney Clary                     7-00, 6th place

Boys Pole Vault

  • Kelly Hay                            12-00, 6th place
  • Pate Stutts                         11-00,  7th place

Girls Shot Put

  • Anahita Maleknia             31-05.25, 3rd place  *Got on the podium!
  • Kylie Meyer                       28-04.00, 6th place

Girls 4x400m

Kylie Meyer, Macie Meyer, Ella Minton, Sophia White                           4:20.37, 2nd place *Got on the podium!

Boys 4x400m

JJ Chung, David Coomer, Jamie Matthews, Nic Strong                       3:51.51, 9th place

Girls 4x800m

Sophia White, Parmida Amiri, Armita Amiri, Macie Meyer                         10:35, 1st place *State Champions!  / Got on the podium!

Boys 4x800m

David Coomer, Jackson Howse, Evan Shields, Eric Xing                                  8:56.23, 2nd place *Got on the podium!