Varsity Softball · Randolph Athletics Honors Gold Family

At the conclusion of the Senior Night ceremony at last Thursday’s home softball game, Randolph Athletics took a moment to thank a set of parents whose involvement and support has been truly worth their weight in gold. Emma Gold was the last senior being recognized at the Senior Night ceremony when her parents, Kevin and Julie, were recognized for all their years of volunteering and dedication to Randolph Athletics.

Athletic Director, Blake Davenport, had the following to say while announcing the ceremony, “In my 13 years of being an AD, I’ve never seen the amount of hard work and positive support given by a set of parents across so many athletic programs, covering so many seasons, over so many years. Emma is the last of the 3 Gold daughters that all started at Randolph in January of 2012. She was in 3rd grade, Annie was in 6th grade, and Libby was in 8th grade. Most of these 10 years included the girls playing 2 and many times 3 sports each per year, with each year including softball.”

In the weeks to come, Randolph School will be installing a beautiful plaque on the home dugout similar to the placeholder that Softball Head Coach Traci Darwin presented Kevin and Julie during the ceremony. Coach Darwin requested the name “The Gold Corner” to be used on the plaque in honor of the Gold girls who spent a lot of innings playing the positions of first base, second base, and right field which will now be known as “The Gold Corner.”

Associate Athletic Director, Wright Ward, who also coaches all three girls presented Kevin and Julie with a framed jersey replication that featured Randolph across the front, the number 3 for each the three daughters, and “Thank you Gold Family” along the bottom as a small token of our appreciation. Randolph Athletics hopes the replica will find a place in the Gold family’s sports themed basement that has hosted many team and school events over the years.

Randolph School invites Raider families everywhere to thank Kevin and Julie for an incredible 10 years of support within the Randolph Raider community!