COVID-19 GameDay Protocols – Winter Season

Randolph Athletics has designed the following game day protocols using the state’s current “Safer at Home” public health order which states, “Players, coaches, officials, and spectators may not congregate within 6 feet of a person from another household except to the extent necessary, and only to the extent necessary, for players, coaches, and officials to directly participate in the athletic activity.” The six-foot distancing rule, combined with Randolph’s additional abundance of caution, will significantly reduce attendance at our athletic venues.

Everyone (students, fans, faculty, coaches, volunteers, officials, and athletes) who enters a Randolph athletic venue for a game must have their temperature checked before entering. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will NOT be permitted to enter the venue.

NO ONE with any of the following COVID-19 symptoms should enter a Randolph athletic venue: sore throat, fever or chills, coughing that causes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, diarrhea/vomiting/abdominal pain, muscle or body aches, new onset of severe headache, or a loss of taste or smell.

Everyone (students, fans, faculty, coaches, volunteers, officials, and athletes) who enters a Randolph athletic venue for a game is required to wear facial coverings at all times while on-site (except children under age 2). Coverings must cover the nostrils and mouth at all times. Limited exceptions are allowed, such as for children who have under the age of 2.

All spectators are required to practice appropriate physical distancing at all times. Spectators are encouraged to maintain at least 6 feet distance between anyone other than those living in the same household.

To ensure proper physical distancing limits, attendance is being restricted with maximum capacities dependent on event/venue. Spectators are not to sit on any portion of rows labeled with an “X.” Rows without an “X” will have distance markers every 6’ to help ensure proper distances are used.

Drake gym: We cannot allow fans in the middle school gym for events (details below).

A limited selection of items will be offered at games on Garth. This could change due to increased COVID-19 precautions or due to not having volunteers.

Currently, the number of spectators permitted to attend, in accordance with applicable state and local guidelines, is set at 50% of venue capacity. In addition to these parameters, we are also basing our attendance restrictions on CDC recommendations and our own abundance of caution. To maximize emphasis on distancing according to bleacher dimensions, Randolph hosted events will allow less than 30% capacity depending on the event/venue.

Per AHSAA, “If attendance restrictions are in place, equal access for visiting fans must be provided.” Please note, this AHSAA mandate drastically affects our home fan allocation.

Ticket allocation: Maximum ticket allocations will be utilized to prioritize the health and safety of those attending our events. The maximum allocations have been determined based on making sure the mandated physical distancing needs can realistically take place at each venue, during each event. Depending on the event/venue, some events will have no spectators allowed and the others will involve a very restricted number of spectators. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions will not allow tickets to be offered outside these parameters. Fortunately, all home events will be live video streamed online (details per sport below).

Ticket purchasing process: Randolph Athletics will use the digital platform,, for online pre-sales and potential walk-up ticket purchases. A limited allotment of tickets (based on per family allocations detailed below) will be sold until 12:00 noon of gameday. If there are remaining tickets available within the restricted capacity, we will communicate any opportunity for general admission tickets ASAP.  If that opportunity exists, tickets may be sold digitally by way of online and credit card purchases at the event until the restricted capacity limit is reached, depending on circumstances. Due to our capacity restrictions, gameday tickets will often be sold out before 12:00 noon on gameday and result in not having tickets for sale at the time of the game.

Here are the winter season athletic venues, their capacity allowing for appropriate physical distancing, and how each event type per venue will allocate tickets for the WINTER season:

“Essentials” refer to the following groups for each basketball game: team members (basketball and cheer), coaches, referees/officials, security, athletic trainers, volunteers related to tickets/concessions/temp checkers, plus positions that support the event (scoreboard operator, scorebook keepers, announcer, admins on duty, filmers, etc)

TOC Court, Shields-Jones Athletic Complex on Garth Campus

4915 Garth Rd. Huntsville, AL 35802

Properly distanced bleacher spaces for two members of the same household, plus essentials, equals the Randolph total SEATING CAPACITY utilizing all six sections of the bleachers:

Varsity/JV Basketball: 120 bleacher spaces + 71 essentials (ranges from 63-71 depending on specific teams) = 191 (18% of total capacity)

FREE live video streaming will be available for all home games at the “Randolph Raiders Athletics” YouTube channel.

Gameday Schedule*

4:30     JV Boys Game (to include the JV Cheerleaders)
6:00     Varsity Girls Game (to include the varsity Cheerleaders)
7:30     Varsity Boys Game (to include the varsity Cheerleaders)

*some dates will have different starting times so please confirm on the Athletic Calendar

Admission Costs

  • Due to COVID-19 Gameday Protocols, pre-sale digital tickets will be available leading up to gameday until the maximum allotted 120 tickets per school are sold-out or, if not sold-out, the link will be down at 12:00 noon on gameday. If the maximum allotted 120 ticket limit is not met online, then general admission tickets may be sold online or digitally (depending on circumstances) at the game until the capacity is reached and then no more fans will be allowed to enter.
  • Each member of the following teams has been allocated the opportunity to purchase two (2) tickets per child ONLY: girls varsity, boys JV, boys varsity basketball teams and varsity and JV cheer squads (these five rosters equal exactly 60 students)
  • The GoFan link to purchase tickets will be emailed directly to the families of these teams.
  • THE ALLOTMENTS DON’T ACCOUNT FOR RANDOLPH STUDENTS AND FACULTY so they don’t have access to tickets unless received from a family member of an involved student.
  • All spectators will be required to present their digital ticket at the ticket table inside the main door of the gym.
  • $5 adults
  • $3 students (K-12th grades)
  • Due to gym capacity and COVID-19 GameDay Protocols, FANS CAN ONLY ATTEND THE GAMES THEIR CHILD IS INVOLVED IN (more details below).


Entry/Exit Plans for Each Game:

  • Due to gym capacity and COVID-19 GameDay Protocols, fans will be allowed in the gym ten (10) minutes before the official tip-off time of their child’s game.
  • When arriving to the game, fans should observe physical distancing guidelines, have their mask in place, and be ready to be temperature checked. Once inside, home fans will use the stands to the left and visiting fans will use the stands to the right.
  • Due to gym capacity and COVID-19 GameDay Protocols, fans without a child involved in the following game must exit the gym and campus immediately after the game. We wish we had room for everyone to stay and cheer on each other’s teams, but for this process to work that can’t be allowed.
  • Team members will need to exit the gym as soon as they finish their time in the locker room.


  • Seating areas are limited and will be marked to allow for proper physical distancing. Fans are to only sit in rows marked for use. Rows with an “X” are to be avoided to observe appropriate distancing protocols. Distance markers on the available rows are there to reference 6’ spaces.
  • Due to COVID-19, there is not a designated Student Section
  • Home seating is on the left side (opposite the weight room) of the gym. The closest section to the entrance is designated for the Randolph Cheerleaders.
  • Visitor seating is on the right side (weight room side) of the gym. The furthest section from the entrance on the same side will be designated for the visiting team’s cheerleaders.
  • Fans are not to congregate in the walkways or lobby area.

Medical Emergency (Call 911): AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are located near the elevator on the main floor and in the trainer’s room downstairs.

Supervision of children: Due to COVID-19, children must stay with their parents and are not allowed to roam the premises.

 Concessions (all items are individually wrapped and bottled beverages only)

  • Workers will wear masks and markings will be placed on the ground to ensure physical distancing.Concessions will be available until after Quarter 3 of the last game played:
  • Burgers
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Hot dogs
  • Popcorn (boxed)
  • Coke products
  • Candy

Road events for all sports: Each host school determines its game day protocols and system to allocate and sell tickets based on their school system’s COVID-19 guidelines and other variables to include their respective seating capacity. Randolph Athletics and head coaches will do our best to promptly communicate this information, but the host schools’ communication will largely determine this.

Knight-Lowe Gym, Drake Campus

1005 Drake Ave. Huntsville, AL 35802

GameDay Protocols for MS basketball games in the Knight-Lowe Gym will continue to include a “No Spectators” policy due to the small capacity of the gym and the COVID-19 distancing needs. Basketball gameday circumstances are like volleyball, but there are more “essential” individuals involved so the gameday parameters are a little more complex. Here is an overview of the protocols:

  • “Essential” individuals at basketball games include the following: each school’s basketball players and coaches, each school’s cheerleaders and coaches, clock operator, home team bookkeeper, visiting team bookkeeper, trainers, administrator on duty, referees, temp checker.
  • In addition to their usual halftime routine, the cheerleaders will take the court for a short cheer between at least one between-quarter break at home games. This will allow them to be seen more during the live streaming coverage. Cheer will continue to participate at two games per gameday as equitably as possible.
  • Some opponents will bring more than one of their teams at a time due to their transportation needs, which also reduces the overall space available.
  • Teams waiting to play their game while a previous game is still in action will have dedicated holding areas. More details on this will be communicated on a weekly basis.
  • Basketball doesn’t require as many parent volunteer duties as volleyball, which slightly helps this need for space.

Why is there a “No Spectators” policy? The visitor side must uphold physical distancing mandates to adequately protect each school’s student-athletes, coaches, trainers, and the scorer’s table volunteers. As a result, the visitor side doesn’t allow for any potential spectator space. With all home bleacher sections extended fully, they allow for 18 properly spaced, individual seats. Due to these seats being needed for overflow basketball players and cheerleaders from both schools, plus the added mandate that each school is allowed the same spectator accommodations, there is not enough space for spectators. Due to bleacher circumstances on each side of the court, we cannot allow spectators while accommodating the essential individuals needed during gameday safely.

Is there a way to view the games live? Free live video streaming will be available for home games through the “Randolph Raiders Athletics” YouTube channel (subscribe today).

Why can’t home games be played in the Garth gym? Randolph’s three varsity/JV teams utilize the Garth gym for all practices and games. The typical day of practice for these teams starts around 3:30-4:00 and ends between 7:00-8:00, depending on the day. Currently, there aren’t any play dates where varsity/JV games are on the road while home MS games are at home. We have limited flexibility in scheduling, but we have one set of home MS games that we plan to play in the Garth gym. We expect schedules to unpredictably change due to COVID-19 reasons (as they did during the fall season), making this process challenging, but we will continue to explore more opportunities.

Why not split the games between each school’s gym on each gameday? Most gamedays consist of three games in a row. In addition to numerous other approaches, we have explored scheduling boys games to be played at one school’s gym while the girls play at the other school’s gym to cut down on our overall constraints and provide an earlier end time for all games. The main reason this isn’t a possibility involves referee limitations and restrictions.

Road events for all sports Each host school determines its game day protocols and system to allocate and sell tickets based on their school system’s COVID-19 guidelines and other variables to include their respective seating capacity. Randolph Athletics and head coaches will do our best to promptly communicate this information, but the host schools’ communication will largely determine this.