GoFAN Digital Tickets

Randolph Athletics is now “cashless” and uses GoFan Digital Tickets for all events. (Updated March 24th)

  • In compliance with the CDC, ADPH, and Randolph School protocols, Randolph Athletics, an allocated number of tickets for each event will be sold publicly as general admission tickets on the GoFan.co website and app.
  • Tickets will also be sold at the gate (digitally via credit/debit cards, no cash). If the maximum allotment of tickets sells out, no more tickets will be sold.
  • Ticket allocation amounts will depend on “ticket allocation” factors stated on the GameDay Protocol page.
  • All tickets to all events for all ages is $5 per ticket (5 years old and under are free, but must be accommodated by a parent at all times).
  • Randolph faculty (and plus one) and Randolph students attend free.

How to Buy Tickets on GoFan

You can purchase GoFan tickets by visiting the  GoFan website  or downloading the GoFan app onto your mobile device.  

  1. Click on the desired event you would like to attend and enter the number of tickets you will need (if the event is not there then it is sold out).
  2. Click “Buy Tickets.”
  3. Log-in or create a GoFan account (email and password). This ensures you receive your confirmation email and tickets.
  4. If needed, enter additional information. Once all fields are completed, click “Submit.”
  5. Click “Buy Tickets” to be prompted to enter credit card information and complete your transaction.

How to Access Your Tickets

  • You can access your tickets by clicking the “View Tickets,” link in your confirmation email or logging into your GoFan app.  
  • On the GoFan app, click “My Tickets” on the bottom of the screen and present your tickets to the ticket taker at the event. We recommend having your tickets loaded and ready before arriving at the event for faster entry.

How to Share Your Tickets 

  1. Select the “Transfer” icon on the top right of the tickets page. 
  2. Next, select the ticket(s) you would like to share. 
  3. Click “Transfer Ticket(s)” at the bottom of your screen. 
  4. Select the method you’d like to use to transfer tickets. 

How do I know if an event is SOLD OUT?

An event is considered “sold out” and not available to attend if the event is not listed when you search for it OR if it is listed but the event page says “Tickets are not available.” We will also have signage at the gate that indicates the event is sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience as we comply with our GameDay Protocols.

GoFan additional help: GoFan FAQs 

No Raider Passes for 2020-2021