Volunteer Information


What’s different? As most of you know, Randolph Athletics has required each family to volunteer for one shift during the season that the family has a child participating on a 7-12th grade Randolph team. Due to the pandemic, we have removed the requirement, but welcome any parents that would still like to support Randolph Athletics through volunteering their time covering shifts or supporting our “Raider Reps” programs which pays Randolph faculty members to work the shifts. Whether it is a parent or a Raider Rep, both allow for Randolph Athletics to generate the revenue needed by selling tickets and concessions during this attendance restricted time.

How can I support Randolph Athletics without volunteering for a shift? Randolph Athletics is once again offering the option for families to “opt-out” of their volunteer duty. In order for Randolph Athletics to generate revenue to support all athletic programs during this attendance restricted pandemic time, we are offering the Opt-out” option to support our faculty “Raider Rep” program. This program pays faculty members to work our open ticket and concession shifts which allows for Randolph Athletics to generate revenue to help cover the expenses of our programs and stipends for our wonderful coaches. Opt-out” payment.

THREE ways to support Randolph Athletics
1. Sign-up and work volunteer shifts
2. Pay $50 so “Raider Reps” can work the shifts
3. Do both!

The “Opt-out” can be used to support multiple revenue generating shifts by paying multiples of $50!

More info about the COVID “Opt-out” option

Ready to sign-up for a volunteer shift? For those of you that would like to select your volunteer shift and already know the drill from years past Volunteer sign-up on Sign-Up Genius.

Shifts start on Wednesday 2/10 and due to COVID changes, there is not a deadline to sign-up.

Who can support Randolph Athletics this season: All Randolph families

Who is required to support Randolph Athletics this season: no one, but your support by volunteering or paying the “Opt-out” fee would be greatly appreciated by our student-athletes and coaches.